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About Us 

Sensor-based sorting machines and integrated post-harvest solutions for the food industry are designed and manufactured by TOMRA Food. Grading, sorting, and peeling are all done using the world's most advanced analytical technology.

Over 12,800 systems are in use at food growers, packers, and processors around the globe for confectionery, fruit, dried fruit, grains, seeds, potatoes, proteins, nuts, and vegetables.

Through innovative and practical technologies, it enables its customers to increase profitability, improve efficiencies, and ensure food safety. TOMRA Food operates centers of excellence, regional offices, and manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and Australia.

A member of the TOMRA Group, TOMRA Food was founded in 1972 through the design, manufacture, and sale of reverse vending machines (RVMs) for automated collection of used beverage containers. TOMRA provides advanced collection and sorting systems that optimize resource recovery in the food, recycling, and mining industries, and the company is committed to helping build a more sustainable world.

Tomra has installed 100,000 systems worldwide and had *9.9 billion NOK in revenue in 2020. Globally, the company employs over 4,300 people, and it trades on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE: TOM). Visit TOMRA's website ( for more information. 

Quality & Punctuality 

There is a high regard for the enterprise in the country. Not only do we focus consistently on quality, but we also deliver on time. Each batch is manufactured on time at our facilities. Despite maintaining rapid production, we do not compromise on quality. As a result, we have a large clientele that trusts our range. In total, over 12,800 units of equipment have been installed to date. A wide variety of confectioneries, food producers, and culinary experts trust our selection of Potatoes Steam Peeling Machines, Optical Sorting Machines, etc.

Our Group

We are an esteemed parts of globally acclaimed TOMRA Group. The name is popular across the world for a long history of excellence in the target markets. The group has made more than 100,000 installations in more than 80 countries. Its total revenue was calculated 9.9 Billion NOK in the years 2020. The group has the support of 4,300 diligent employees. One can find the public listing of our group of Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE:TOM).

Attributes To Our Success

For the past 49 years, our enterprise has offered great support to many without any errors. We have maintained a spot free track record and lived up to the expectations of clients through hard work. Our experience, hardworking attitude and seamless trading history are just few of many attributes that contribute to our popularity in the segment. Some other major contributors to our growing popularity are listed below: 
  • Our Stringent Compliance With The International Standards 
  • Our Adherence To Fair Trade Laws
  • Our Ability To Satisfy Bulk Demands of Clients 

Application Areas

Our enterprise is satisfying a large clientele working in the following application areas: 
  • Food Grain Industry
  • Cereal Industry
  • Nut Industry
  • Dry Fruits Industry
  • Processed Snacks Industry
  • Vegetables Industry
  • IQF Products Industry
  • Spice Industry
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